About Us

Hello, my name is Tom Celone
the inventor of POWERCHUTE Sports patented technologies. As a world ranked athlete, personal trainer, gym owner and fitness fanatic I’m always looking to improve my athletic abilities. I’m always looking for that little extra edge I can get over the competition, so equipment, tools, training aids along with proper nutrition are a passion of mine.

Powerchute® Sports

I invented the POWERCHUTE golf technology to give me an edge over the biggest golf ball hitters in the world. I was a good hitter before the POWERCHUTE (top 75 in world) but after I started training with the POWERHUTE I consistently improved my world championship finishing spot year after year, eventually taking 13th place at the World Championships in the open division.  I was considered an old man for the open division at 44 years of age. The following year I was in the 45+ division and finished 7th in the world, and at 46 years old ended up 3rd in the world.

Over the next several years I remained a formidable threat to win the world finals and finished in the top 10 in 45+ division. My longest recorded drive in a sanctioned open division competition is 442 yards. My longest recorded drive in the 45+ division is 435 yards at the World finals. My highest swing speed with a golf club is 142 MPH. My highest ball speed is over 210 MPH, thanks to the POWERCHUTE resistance training.

POWERCHUTE Sports patented technologies helped me increase my swing speed substantially and we believe our products will help athletes in multiple sports of any age to improve their game. POWERCHUTE Sports has created state-of-the-art technologies for golf, baseball and softball. Coming will be tennis, hockey, lacrosse and more!

You see, we are athletes and we want to help all athletes of all ages improve their athletic skills. We are going to revolutionize how to train for speed. We promise to create the best possible products to optimize athletic performance!

Feel the power of science – you too can achieve your athletic goals using POWERCHUTE technologies.