Business Opportunity

Are you a Sports Enthusiast? Are you an Entrepreneur? We have an opportunity for you using state-of-the-art patented technologies!

POWERCHUTE Sports, LLC is thrilled to offer individuals, businesses and sporting good distributors an exciting and financially rewarding opportunity to join one of the most exciting and advanced sports technology companies that have come around in many, many years.

Inventor, Tom Celone, is a world class ranked athlete and he was always looking for ways to improve his athletic abilities. He invented the POWERCHUTE Golf technology to give him some resistance training while he trained for the World Championships for Longest Drive. Tom accomplished what he set out to do with this technology and thought if it would work for golf, why not other sports?


We now have a full technology line up of products for many sports, Golf, Baseball/Softball available now, and Tennis, Lacrosse, Cricket and Hockey to come in 2018, currently in prototype phase. We have decided to establish a dealer network and grow the business organically with “people interfacing with people”. Our saying is “Swing It, Feel It, Own It”. You can’t do that by just an online purchase and get that personal experience. You be the judge by personally test driving the technologies, you will find the claims to be true … POWERCHUTE works! We know for a fact that POWERCHUTE technologies will allow athletes to perform at their best, Swing Harder, Swing Faster, Swing Farther, creating the perfect swing and performance results.

POWERCHUTE Sports is offering the opportunity for you to represent our unique and technically advanced patented products in a given market area within the United Sates. Our representatives need to be active in their communities, willing to attend various sporting activities, rallies and or other large gatherings of people to demonstrate and sell these exciting products.

POWERCHUTE Sports, LLC believes that we have the products and business model for those looking to start their own part-time or full-time business. If you are an entrepreneur and a sports enthusiast then this is a lifetime opportunity for you.

Initial Investment starts at $35,000 and is totally a turn-key business plus it will provide you 100% return on your initial investment within months!

For those interested individuals, companies and/or organizations please fill out the contact form and one of our representatives will be happy to explain the business opportunity to you in more detail.

Dealer Package