POWERCHUTE Baseball/Softball

POWERCHUTE Baseball Technology has 4 major swing enhancements. POWERCHUTE is "designed to detect swing faults, designed to automatically sequence and correct the swing and designed to increase swing speed and strength"


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Powerchute® Baseball/Softball
What POWERCHUTE Will Do For You

The Powerchute bat trainer teaches your muscles to fire in the perfect sequence for maximum bat speed in the hitting zone by recruiting fast twitch muscle fibers. Powerchute products achieve this by creating air resistance without a lot of weight. Resistance is necessary for muscle development, but if too much weight is used without resistance you are training the body to decelerate or slow down your swing thru the impact zone. We create speed in your swing which allows a batter a split second longer look at a pitched ball before starting his/her swing. This gives the batter a better chance of executing a solid hit and getting on base, or hitting the ultimate home run! At Powerchute Sports, we are athletes that love helping athletes of all levels achieve their goals and we strongly believe this product will revolutionize the game of baseball and softball.

  • Faster bat speed
  • Faster ball exit speed
  • Increase fast twitch muscle fibers
  • How to swing faster at impact
  • Muscles trained to fire in sequence
  • Better balance
  • Attaches to your own bat in seconds
  • ​Improves Strength, Endurance, Speed
  • Detaches from bat in seconds
  • Practice with your bat
  • Incredibly fast warm up
  • Increases reaction time to pitched ball
  • Increased confidence at bat
  • Tested proven results
  • Tested by MLB team players
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