How Does It Work?

POWERCHUTE® Sports Resistance Trainer builds resistance and trains your body to perform the golf swing sequence in the correct position all the way through! Our patented technology creates resistance where you need it in all movement during your swing. The unique design of the POWERCHUTE® creates a resistance that forces your body to develop the proper sequencing.

Proper sequencing establishes lag. Proper sequencing + lag = Increased speed

Powerchute® Golf
Increase Speed and Distance

Longer Driving Distance

A few practice swings is all it takes to increase distance between 20 to 35 yards on the drive!

Improved Swing Sequence

POWERCHUTE forces your body into the correct positions throughout your swing, using our patented technology, improving your consistency and accuracy.

Increased Clubhead Speed

Recreational golfers increased clubhead impact speed 5 to 10 mph

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