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How It Works

Our patented technology creates resistance where you need it in all movement during your swing. The resistance created by POWERCHUTE® Golf promotes proper sequencing. Proper sequencing develops lag. Proper Sequencing + Lag = Increased Clubhead Speed. In order to hit the ball farther you need to swing faster. This faster swing is a result of building up your fast twitch muscle fibers. This type of training is intensive and time consuming. POWERCHUTE® GOLF forces those muscles to respond immediately, and after just a few swings you will be hitting the ball with increased speed, distance, and lag.

The POWERCHUTE® GOLF resistance trainer was designed to improve all areas of your swing. The resistance created by adding POWERCHUTE® to any of your golf clubs keeps the connection as you transition from back-swing to forward swing, builds power as you swing through your hitting zone, and sends those balls soaring across the green.

The results of using the POWERCHUTE® Golf resistance trainer speak for themselves:

  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Distance 20 - 35 yards
  • Improved Balance
  • Increased Lag 
  • Improved Swing Sequence