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POWERCHUTE® Brand Ambassador Team Program For Golf

Welcome to the POWERCHUTE® Brand Ambassador

Team Program for Golf

This Brand Ambassador Team program is for You, a "VIP" as far as POWERCHUTE® is concerned.  You love the game of golf; You have devoted a great portion of your life to playing, coaching, mentoring, training and conditioning athletes in the game and have social media fan followers with whom you could not only share your golf stories and experiences but, your future POWERCHUTE® golf stories and experiences, as well.  How could I do that, you are probably asking yourself. Please continue reading!!!

POWERCHUTE® and its development of the Auto Training System for Golf will revolutionize the way today's players train, condition and warm-up to play the game.  The past traditional practices and habits of training with weighted clubs, weighted or flexible swing sticks, hitting bags and other "gadgets" has been proven through science to do nothing to promote, much less improve swing sequencing but  actually slows down a golfer's swing speed.  We believe that these old habits will be replaced with the POWERCHUTE® Auto Training System. It's technology and this new unique, patented training system has been proven through science to be more effective. It promotes proper balance from the ground up and proper swing sequencing thus, creating lag, casting the bat is eliminated and a more compact explosive and powerful swing is the result.  Proper balance plus proper swing sequencing develops lag to efficiently creating more club head in your swing resulting in additional distance gained.

Your experience and your knowledge for the game of golf is invaluable. The players you have coached and mentored through the years are many. The contacts and friends you have accumulated over the years still look up to you with the respect you have earned through your dedication, devotion and hard work for helping others succeed to fulfill their dreams. Now, POWERCHUTE® would like to partner with you and provide a "next generation auto training system" that allows you the opportunity to earn additional income as you simply continue to do what you do best. That's coaching, teaching and mentoring others so that they can physically benefit and become the best that they can be. Please accept this special invitation and become a POWERCHUTE® Brand Ambassador Team member today. The rewards will be immeasurable as you see your players quickly reach that next level in the game. 

Becoming a special member of the POWERCHUTE® Brand Ambassador Team is as easy as 1-2-3

(see instructions below)
  • Review the POWERCHUTE® Brand Ambassador Team simple Terms for Membership (listed below).
  • Review the POWERCHUTE® Brand Ambassador Team Special Pricing (shown just below the Terms for Membership). This special discounted pricing is 40% off the Manufacturer Advertised Retail (MAP) price and is only available by special invitation to selected candidates such as yourself for the POWERCHUTE® Brand Ambassador Team.
  • Go to the BRAND AMBASSADOR REGISTRATION FORM (just below the Special Pricing list), provide your basic information and submit.  Within 72 hours, you will receive your own special Ambassador Code entitling you to the Brand Ambassador Team member discount pricing, an official membership term sheet and simple instructions as to how to fulfill your customers orders for the POWERCHUTE® Auto Training Systems for Golf.  
  • (for additional information contact: michael@powerchutesports.com) 



1. POWERCHUTE® Brand Ambassador Team ("PBA") Terms for Membership

  1. As a PBA, You will receive the Ambassador discount only available through the POWERCHUTE® Brand Ambassador Team program, when you order your personal Auto Training System on the POWERCHUTE® website:  www.powerchutesports.com  (see below)
  2. Demonstrate the Auto Training System to your players and contacts. Their interest will be piqued and their need to own the POWERCHUTE® will be immediate after they swing it on their own golf club for the first time.  This is what we refer to as that wow or "aha" moment.  They seriously cannot hold back that immediate feeling. You can post these “aha" moments on your social media network to generate excitement and response for future orders
  3. You agree to tape three (3) short 30-60 second videos within 90 days to provide to POWERCHUTE® with your permission to allow POWERCHUTE® the right to publish the videos on the company's website at the company's descretion. The videos should be tutorial and informational in nature, i.e.; an illustrational video of how YOU personally train using the Auto Training System or, how you use the system to train with a student(s) or, your personal testimonial illustraiting the benefits of the system or, a video highlighting that "aha" (funny) moment of the first practice swing a student attempts after his first POWERCHUTE® Auto Training System session. These are just a few ideas.
  4. The POWERCHUTE®can be customized for business or personal use if requested. At the time you place your order on our website, simply provide us high resolution artwork of your company logo, your favorite golf course, its signature hole, your pet's picture or anything you wish that does not infringe or violate U.S. Copyright law, and, it will be printed on the front of the chute. The regular retail price of $49.00 is waived and offered as a special feature to only our Ambassadors at no charge.
  5. Refer to the POWERCHUTE® Brand Ambassador Team Special Pricing table (shown below), for pricing to offer to players, coaches, teachers, trainers and others such as, the contacts you have already earned and accumulated throughout your career, so that they can purchase directly from you 
  6. As a PBA, you earn the difference from the Ambassador Program cost per unit up to the selling price you choose on each unit that your contacts purchase (see below)
  7. Your time is your own, no schedule to keep and no need to stock your own sales inventory. As an Ambassador, take and complete your customer's order (full payment, their shipping address, etc...).  You input the order information, your special code and personal credit card on the company's website. The POWERCHUTE® will be shipped directly to your customer.  POWERCHUTE® does all that for you and provides your customer a lifetime warranty, as well!  Have fun, its that easy!!!



2.  POWERCHUTE® Brand Ambassador Team Special Pricing


Golf 360 - $129.00

  • 30" End to End
  • 13" Wide Chute (no rip material)
  • 28" Carbon Fiber Frame Connection
  • 2 Frames
  • 1 Carrying Bag
  • Life Time Warranty



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