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COMBO PACK: POWERCHUTE® Golf + Baseball - Softball


Bundle & Save!

When you buy the Combo Pack, you get the Golf POWERCHUTE® and Baseball - Softball POWERCHUTE® for only $199.95! Thats a savings of $50.00!

Don't buy one and regret getting the other when you could have saved money ordering them together! Powerchute Sports has developed patented wind resistant performance training products to increase fast twitch muscles, core strength and proper swing sequencing.



POWERCHUTE® – Guaranteed to increase your bat speed in sixty seconds or  YOUR MONEY BACK!! 

Fits Bat Barrel Size 2-1/4" to 2-3/4", Resistance for players 12 and up

  • May come in Black or Blue color
  • ABS frame / components
  • Resistance for players 10 years and up
  • 25L/11W Chute Size
  • 1 Year warranty on all components

Bat not included - Chute logo may vary*


Guaranteed to increase your DISTANCE in sixty seconds....

30 DAY  Money Back Guarantee.

  • ABS Frame / Components
  • 25L/10W Standard Chute Size
  • Fits all adult drivers
  • 1 Year warranty on all components 

The results of using the POWERCHUTE® Golf resistance technology speaks for themselves:

  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Distance 25 - 45 yards
  • Improved Balance
  • Increased Lag 
  • Improved Swing Sequence
  • Proper Release at Impact Zone
Product Description

The PowerChute increases baseball swing resistance through drag. The resistance only occurs in the downswing where you are trying to gain speed which improves neurologic adaptation. Plyometric exercise is the best way to increase power and speed. The physical demands created by the PowerChute are consistent with other plyometric exercises. The PowerChute causes a quick lengthening of the muscles responsible for initiating the downswing which is followed by a strong concentric or shortening of the same tissues. The physical demand will result in an increased quantity and quality of fast-twitch muscle fibers. That is how the PowerChute works. “It shows your body how to recruit the fast-twitch resources that enable you to swing faster”. Swinging a golf club or a bat with a weight during a warm-up or practice session is a ritual that has been around for years. However, research has proven that using a weighted training device can be counterproductive, and even detrimental to swing mechanics. PowerChute’s patented technology activates the fast-twitch muscle fibers which are capable of much faster, and stronger contractions, and are therefore vital for explosive movements. It is an ideal swing trainer that teaches extension, wrist action, and proper swing plane that translates on the field like no other training tool in history!

Key Features:

 EXPLOSIVE SWING SPEED: Add 10mph in 60 seconds

 IMPROVED POWER: Warm up before at-bats for added power

 TRUSTED BY THE PROS: Invented and used by MLB legend Barry Larkin

 HELP SWING MECHANICS: Unlike baseball weights, PowerChute improves swing mechanics while building strength, power and speed

 ULTIMATE SWING TRAINER: Improve extension, wrist action and proper swing plane

Training with your BASEBALL POWERCHUTE


Training with your GOLF POWERHCUTE


COMBO PACK: POWERCHUTE® Golf + Baseball  - Softball

COMBO PACK: POWERCHUTE® Golf + Baseball - Softball