30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Made in the U.S.A.    

The POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM is designed, engineered and hand built in our manufacturing facility in Sarasota Florida using the top grade materials to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.

180 Golf Speed System Features 360 Golf Speed System Features
Rotates 180 Degrees Rotates 360 Degrees
Chute 25” long 9” wide 28.5” long 12” wide
Claps on shaft Slides down shaft
Standard Lag Pro Lag
Increased club speed Maximum club speed
ABS frame Carbon fiber frame
Screen print Dye sublimation print
Chute no rip material Chute no rip material
For 8 years & older For 16 years & older

POWERCHUTE® began selling in Florida in 2011, when Jack Nicklaus first endorsed the 180°, HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM.  Over the past eight years, POWERCHUTE® has sold over 50,000 systems by “word of mouth” with no national advertising. The company is currently launching its improved POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™ 360°+, for 2020. This is the Company’s totally revised and second edition, launched in the past 8 years. It is based on the same science and its patented technology.  “POWERCHUTE® just made it better!”


Golf instructors are great to teach basic swing metrics. They will work with their students to help identify flaws in the student’s swing and attempt to correct the flaws. Golf instructors are also great for teaching course management, putting, chipping and iron play. Golf instructors will always recommend club fitters to fit you properly for max optimization. Golf instructors will benefit by using the POWERCHUTE®  HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEMas their preferred system to help their students become better golfers more quickly. The POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™ does not replace golf instructors, it gives them the tools they need to do their job.  

It does not matter the skill level…. everyone can benefit; beginners, kids, adults, average players, high handicap or scratch and tour players can all benefit from the POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™.

Yes, you can. Purchase the POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™, use it for 30 days and if you are not satisfied with the results, you may return it and receive a full refund.

  • The POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™comes with a life time warranty to protect against manufacturing or factory defects.

The reason POWERCHUTE® is called the HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™ is based on the fact that you don’t have to conscientiously think about what you are doing…. “POWERCHUTE® does the thinking for you.”  

Install the POWERCHUTE® on your driver and swing it like you’re hitting a drive and the POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™ will do all the rest to totally improve your swing metrics.  Use it every day for 6 minutes. Swing it right handed for 3 minutes and then left handed for 3 minutes. You can utilize the POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™ through any season and for all year at the driving range or in the comfort of your own garage.

The science of wind resistance technology makes POWERCHUTE® unique. POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™  maximizes your swing metrics automatically and trains the mind and body (muscle memory) without requiring conscious awareness / “thinking.”

Yes, it is the Company’s patented technology.  POWERCHUTE® is the only patented wind resistance technology in the world that auto conditions your mind and body to maximize your swing metrics.

POWERCHUTE® is inexpensive to purchase and it’s benefits are actually priceless based on the tremendous value it produces for the end user. If you purchase 5 training aids at $100 each and a new $600 driver for a total cost of $1,100, one would still not receive the total benefits that POWERCHUTE® at just $179.00, and used for only one week would provide.  This small one-time investment in the POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™ enables a golf swing that will last a lifetime.  POWERCHUTE® optimized swing metric benefits are priceless...there is only one POWERCHUTE®, the rest are imitators that produce very little lasting benefits, if any at all.”

“First of all, POWERCHUTE® is not a training aid.”  POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™ is a patented technology designed as the first and only golf auto training system in the world. With POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™  there is no thinking required to improve your swing metrics, club head speed and distance for all your clubs, not just your driver. This is the only system in the world that installs directly onto your driver shaft so that you are training with your personal golf club. There is nothing better than swinging your own driver while you are improving your swing metrics without having to read a 50-page manual or grinding on the driving range for hours, over weeks and months which can cause injury from excessive training.  Auto train with the POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™  for just 6-minutes per day to optimize your swing metrics and elevate your performance quickly.

First, I hope that you went to your Club Fitter to purchase your new $600 driver. If you did, your Club Fitter tuned that driver to fit your body size and swing speed so now, you're half way home to more distance and straighter drives.   A new fitted driver will give you some improvement and then the POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™  will enable you to maximize your swing metrics, i.e., sequencing, lag, balance, hip rotation, club head speed, distance and accuracy. A new driver will do nothing but look good in your bag if you haven’t had it properly fitted and in combination with using POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM™ ... "take the POWERCHUTE® challenge so you can prove it to yourself."

Take a $600 driver that was not fitted and a $250 driver that was fitted and hit 3 drives with each driver and record the distances. Then install the POWERCHUTE® on the $250 fitted driver and swing it 6 times.  Take off the POWERCHUTE® and hit 3 drives and record the distances. POWERCHUTE® guarantees the POWERCHUTE® and $250 fitted driver will be longer than the $600 driver without fitting. Again, it’s not the arrow it’s the Indian!” Save $350 dollars, buy a $250 driver and the POWERCHUTE® and hit it past the $600 drivers…. or, "POWERCHUTE® will give you a full refund."