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AUTO TRAINING SYSTEM for Softball ****DUE TO CURRENT LARGE SALES VOLUMES, Shipping can take up to 14-Days

With the massive number of hitting aids for sale online, determining the best softball swing-speed trainer for your budding athletes can be overwhelming. There are numerous devices that claim to correct a faulty swing path, increase softball swing speed, eliminate chopping or casting and to strengthen the batter's core muscles. The patented POWERCHUTE Auto Training System for softball is designed to work on multiple swing needs at the same time. This is crucial if you are looking to give your batter an unfair advantage at the plate. Although our swing speed training aides are not complicated, our patented universal design accommodates players of any sex, size or age to work on both high and low pitches. It's our all-in-one softball swing speed training system that does not require a bucket of balls or a batter's net.