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AUTO TRAINING SYSTEM for Baseball ****DUE TO CURRENT LARGE SALES VOLUMES, Shipping can take up to 14-Days

With the introduction of the POWERCHUTE® Auto Training System for baseball as a swing speed trainer, hitting coaches and batters alike are discovering that this system actually enables them to develop that faster and more powerful swing they have always been searching for. The faster you swing the bat, the higher the exit velocity and the greater the probability of getting on base. No doubt, the number one metric in baseball has always been the speed of the pitcher's fastball or slider. Although each batter is identified by their batting average, little has been said about bat speed, or the affect it has on getting hits and scoring runs. Exit velocity and launch angle mostly enter into conversations about homerun hitters or the batter sent to the plate to lay down a bunt for advancing an on-base runner. Nonetheless, times have changed and POWERCHUTE® will enable the batter to conquer that change. "It's That Good!"