Baseball Swing Speed Trainer

No doubt, the number one metric in baseball has always been the speed of the pitcher's fastball or slider. Although each batter is identified by their batting average, little has been said about bat speed, or the affect it has on getting hits and scoring runs. Exit velocity and launch angle mostly enter into conversations about homerun hitters or the batter sent to the plate to lay down a bunt for advancing an on-base runner. Nonetheless, times have changed. With the introduction of the POWERCHUTE baseball swing speed trainer, hitting coaches and batters alike are discovering that the faster you swing the bat, the higher the exit velocity and the greater the probability of getting on base. It has been estimated that a 70 mph bat speed is about average for Major League Baseball. When compared to swinging a golf club, that might not sound fast at all, but it really is. Since swing speed is dependent upon where you are measuring it on a bat, stick, or club, there are variances for a given batter and the different bats they use during a game. Since contacting a baseball an inch or two higher or lower on the bat also affects bat speed, every batter can benefit from increased strength and fluid movements that come from working with our baseball swing speed trainer. When your budding star gets to the plate in a game situation, we make sure they have the ability to produce the exact swing the team needs. Since "ball and stick" sports will always be a swing speed dependent game, young hitters need to develop swing strength with the motor skills needed to produce a high swing speed with good rotational control. The POWERCHUTE baseball swing-speed trainer creates sequencing, core strength, and bat speed as well as confidence at the plate. The physical demand on the athlete's body when using our training device is consistent with plyometric exercises used to increase power and speed in other sports. The POWERCHUTE baseball swing-speed trainer causes a sudden lengthening of the muscles responsible for initiating the swing followed by a shortening of those same muscles for an increase in quantity and quality of the body's fast-twitch muscles. There are so many hitting aids being sold online and in stores that selecting the best one for your batter can seem somewhat overwhelming. However, when you look at the number of hours spent practicing or in the batter's cage, it is important to understand that a player will not become a better hitter without the proper tools. You can make sure your rising star is practicing with purpose every time they pick up our baseball swing speed trainer. Using it as your team's hitting aid will boost your batters' confidence at the plate with a faster swing and more core strength to control the bat's rotational power. Barry Larkin, Hall of Fame batter and co-developer of the baseball swing-speed trainer, endorses POWERCHUTE. The POWERCHUTE baseball swing speed trainer is designed to increase a player's bat speed. Powerchute's proven science wind resistance technology allows you to train for speed, power and endurance.