Golf Swing Speed Trainer

Golf swing training aids range from technologically innovative to ridiculous and somewhere in between. The key is determining which one will give your body the feedback it needs to develop a stronger core, improve range of motion and deliver a more powerful shot. To improve your golf swing, you need repetitions of performing the swing with resistance that allows you to develop and tone the muscles needed for a faster swing speed and more powerful follow through at impact. Many golfers waste both their time and money when the training aid they purchased fails to improve their swing and ends up sitting in the corner of the closet gathering dust. The POWERCHUTE SPORTS golf swing speed trainer is perfect for just about any golfer who wouldn't mind hitting the ball further and with improved accuracy. Although golf fitness and days in the gym have become a mainstay for today's professional athlete, golf fitness remains a bit overrated for the Sunday golfer. That's not to say that being physically fit doesn't help but how many times have you seen a golfer with a beer belly absolutely kill the ball off the tee. So, simply being fit may or may not do much for your club head speed. Conversely, increasing the swing speed of an average golfer by 10 to 15 miles per hour will allow them to hit longer while putting down lower scores on their card. Recent research into the mechanics of the golf swing has proven that the use of weighted golf training devices can be counterproductive and may even hurt the golfers swing mechanics. POWERCHUTE's patented technology activates the fast-twitch muscles in the body that are capable of stronger, faster contractions. After all, an explosive drive off the tee box depends a lot on the usable strength of the golfer's core, hands and legs. Since our golf swing speed trainer works the exact muscles that are used to launch the golf ball, there is no wasted energy or time when your train. The benefits of wind resistance training are impossible to ignore and our device allows you to make the perfect training movement in the tightest space. As a golfer ages, the vast majority will experience a significant loss in distance due to a slower club head speed and a reduction in strength. Although your chronological age can't be reversed, the strength of your swing, the power and club head speed can be at any age. However, the key to success lies in understanding the need for training and not just practicing the sport. Based on wind resistance training, our golf swing speed trainer naturally increases the training load relative to the person's strength level, so there's far less chance of setbacks due to soreness or injury. Like other forms of strength training, golf swing speed exercises are best accomplished in an environment where high forces can be produced with a low likelihood of injury. The POWERCHUTE Golf Swing Speed Trainer was engineered and manufactured in the USA to increase a golfer’s club speed and driving distance. The golf swing trainer is based on air/wind resistance technology that delivers a low impact training experience that does not place force on the body and its joints. Wind resistance ignites the “fast twitch” muscle fibers to create an explosive, powerful and more compact swing through the impact zone. The result will always be greater swing power and longer drives, shots or balls.