Softball Swing Speed Trainer

With the massive number of hitting aids for sale online, determining the best softball swing-speed trainer for your budding athletes can be overwhelming. There are numerous devices that claim to correct a faulty swing path or to eliminate chopping or casting and to strengthen the batter's core muscles. At POWERCHUTE SPORTS, our hitting training aids are designed to work on multiple swing needs at the same time, which is crucial if you are looking to give your batter an unfair advantage at the plate. Although not complicated, our patented universal design accommodates players of any sex, size or age to work on both high and low pitches. It's our all-in-one batting system that does not require a bucket of balls or batter's net. Our revolutionary softball swing speed trainer allows the batter's muscles to feel the unique forces created by hitting the ball on a given line to create the proper launch angle and back spin that add distance to the flight of the ball. The POWERCHUTE softball swing-speed trainer builds proper muscle memory for the correct bat path while ensuring the hitter has the core body, hand and wrist strength to make solid contact at the plate. As a hitting coach, you'll be surprised at how you and the batter will get immediate feedback to tell the difference between a good or bad swing. Moreover, batters can use our softball swing speed trainer on their own and in any place with enough space to complete a swing. The POWERCHUTE SPORTS softball swing-speed trainer is a safe and effective training aid that uses wind resistance to train a hitter's muscle memory for keeping their hands and bat strong trough the strike zone for greater efficiency. It teaches players of all ages and sizes to keep their head down and deliver the rotational motion needed to make solid contact with the ball at the plate. After all, softball shouldn't be a game where kids simply try to get the bat's barrel in the way of pitch. Our softball swing speed trainer teaches even the youngest players the repetitive motions that naturally keep the hips moving so there is hard contact with ball. Let's face facts. There's nothing more exciting than having an explosive bat coming to the plate. A long shot over the fielder's head can put the finishing touches on a game well played. You know there are all kinds of softball swing training aids, equipment, drills, and strength programs available. But, did you know that the POWERCHUTE softball swing speed trainer increases the bat speed by 10-20 mph at the plate? If you never worked on your bat speed using an innovative training aid, you will be surprised at how quickly you can see results. Most importantly, POWERCHUTE training aids provide the perfect amount resistance so the batter can move their hands properly throughout the entire swing. The POWERCHUTE softball swing speed training aid increases the bat speed by 10-20 MPH.