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What are your options to improve your golf swing

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What does POWERCHUTE 360 Golf System Cost ?

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How to Assemble the PC 360° for Golf

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How to Install PC 360° for Golf

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How to Use the PC 360° PC for Golf

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How to train with POWERCHUTE 360 Golf System

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What Are the Benefits of PC 360° for Golf

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It’s not the Arrow it’s the Indian

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Mel Sole - POWERCHUTE Golf Ambassador

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Getting Started With POWERCHUTE

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Andy Hilts, Golftec

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How It Works

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POWERCHUTE Training Results

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PGA Professionals talk about the POWERCHUTE®

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John Fister, Golftec

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Chris Pace, Golftec

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Bart Cooke, Golftec

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Let’s talk facts!!!
"POWERCHUTE® is not a training aid.  It’s a patented technology HOME AUTO-SPEED TRAINING and FITNESS-SYSTEM™!!!"  
  • Using the POWERCHUTE® for just one week, 8 minutes per day (4 mins right handed / 4 mins left handed ) in your garage, your back yard or driving range will teach you the correct swing metrics in order for you to produce explosive club head speed, improve center-face contact and a more accurate ball flight
  • POWERCHUTE® does all of this automatically and without conscious thought of requiring you to comb through a 50-page instruction manual or attend hundreds of hours of training over many months to benefit from only the potential very small gains, any training aids might produce. In fact, there are no training aids that can produce the total swing metric benefits and explosive club head speed that POWERCHUTE® can produce.... “WE GUARANTEE IT !!!!

Let’s get started!!!
"Install your POWERCHUTE® on your driver by guiding it through the rings of the chute (wide end first), over the grip and down the club shaft, until it rests on the top of the driver’s head...."
  • Set up as if youre hitting a drive. The chute is resting against the driver.
  • During the takeaway, the POWERCHUTE® will deploy only in the needed and appropriate location due to it's patented system that utilizes wind resistant technology.  The POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO-SPEED TRAINING AND FITNESS SYSTEM will cause you to take the club back low to the ground for the first 2 to 3 feet and turn your leading shoulder under your chin.  This puts you into the proper position at the top with the shaft parallel with your shoulders. IF THE POWERCHUTE SLIDES DOWN TO YOUR HANDS, YOUR NOT TAKING THE CLUB BACK PROPERLY, POWERCHUTE WILL AUTO CORRECT YOUR SWING METRICS. 
  • Once at the top of your backswing with the shaft paralle to your shoulders, start your downswing and the POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO-TRAINING AND FINESS SYSTEM will promote the proper swing sequencing, producing an inside to outside swing plane, stopping you from coming over the top and casting, creates lag and proper hip rotation while also encouraging you to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground to insure stability and proper balance. This will enable you to swing through the ball and into a proper follow through and finish. The resisting force of the “drag” on the chute is created by wind resistance and forces the body to activate its fast-twitch muscle fibers resulting in an explosive, a more accurate and efficient golf swing. 
  • Repeat this process 6 times.  Then, take the POWERCHUTE® off your driver, set up like you’re on a par 5 and hitting a big drive. Go ahead.... let it rip!!! Your body’s muscle memory from using the POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO-TRAINING AND FITNESS SYSTEM will do the rest.  Complete a practice swing two times before hitting the golf ball.
  • Repeat this process daily.  After one week, your body and mind will become programmed by the POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO-TRAINING-SYSTEM™ to correctly groove your swing so that you will have explosive power and perfect swing metrics.
"Using the POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO-TRAINING AND FITNESS SYSTEM™ for just 6 minutes per day, every day of the year, will enable you to achieve maximum club head speed and perfect swing metrics... enjoy your new explosive power swing!!!"
And yes, the POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO-TRAINING-SYSTEM™ will improve your distance with your irons, too. Remember, once you increase your club head speed and improve your swing metrics, it will apply to all your clubs. The average gains with your driver are 21 to 30 yards and 10 to 15 yards with your irons.
"Last, go and have fun by out-driving all your golf buddies!!!l"
The POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO-TRAINING AND FITNESS SYSTEM™ is the only patented system for golf in the world that trains the body automatically and without conscious thought, resulting in an efficient and more powerful golf swing.  We offer 100% satisfaction with a 30-day, money back guarantee refund with no questions asked.

POWERCHUTE® is not a training aid, it’s an HOME Auto-Training and Fitness System….. there is only one POWERCHUTE®!!!

 Made in the U.S.A.    

The POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO TRAINING AND FITNESS SYSTEM is designed, engineered and hand built in our manufacturing facility in Sarasota Florida using the top grade materials to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.