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  • Technique & Speed

    Using proven overload and resistance training, the POWERCHUTE® MACH II BLACK helps golfers at all levels improve connection, increase core strength, and maximum power at impact for faster clubhead speeds..

  • Strength & Fitness

    Using proven underload and resistance training, the POWERCHUTE® MACH II BLUE helps golfers at all levels improve rotation and lag, achieve better sequencing, and promote an on-time release for the fastest clubhead speeds.

  • Power & Versatility

    That’s the beauty of the POWERCHUTE® – it can be used simply as a tool to improve your technique and speed, or you can go into more depth and use it as an overall exercise plan while still improving your technique and speed along the way!

Customer Reviews

I can't believe that feeling

I can't believe that feeling… I like it because what I'm feeling is that my body is starting to rotate better.
Henry Young
(Two-Time Michigan Teacher of the Year)

It really works!

My brother and I have both used this and it definitely works! How much of that is placebo effect and how much is science? Who knows, and who cares! Improve your game as well!
Steve B. From MO

Your body just figures it out.

Your body just figures it out; your mind doesn't have to. I don't think I've ever felt that kind of clubhead speed before; it's a 'Cool' feeling.
Richie Bassett

I Absolutely Love this Trainer Set.

I Absolutely Love this Trainer Set. Not only does it work, but it is very easy to use. It is made of very good material and comes with a training manual. Anyone that loves golf and is a beginner or just not so good at it yet, this is for you! Highly Recommend.
Haley F

Holy Moly

Holy moly, super weird when I first tried it but then I got like 25 yards more on my drive. Highly recommend, really forces you to nail down your technique and "feel the swing" per se.
Roger P.

Better Than I Was Expecting!

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I really love it! I haven't been using it for too long but I've already seen a tremendous improvement in my distance. All of my friends have asked to try it and been suprised by how much resistance there is. I can't wait to keep testing it out. For the price, I highly recommend giving it a go!!

So Much Speed

I watched a couple of the videos on their website and took a chance, now I'm ready to be a long drive champion! Ok, not really but I feel like one. There is so much speed when you take the Powerchute off.
Evan J.

So Far So Good

The price is a bit more then I wanted to spend but you get what you pay for right? I like that I can use it at home and on the course and that it doesn't look too weird. I haven't had it long but in just a few uses I can feel the difference. Word of warning after you first use it your club wants to fly out of your hands. So be prepared for that. I've practiced with the black one a few times now and I am more prepared, I definitely have more speed. I am hitting the ball farther and once I get more control I think it will be even better.

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