POWERPRO SPORTS owns the POWERCHUTE® brand name, owns many patents for its Swing, Speed and Fitness Systems, and has a rich 10-year history. The brand has been synonymous with excellence and performance since 2009, quickly earning a place at the top of the swing, speed and fitness technology world and establishing a consistent presence with sports instructors.


Why is the POWERCHUTE® MACH II the # 1 Golf Swing, Speed and Fitness System in the world? You would need to purchase ten training aids or several thousands of dollars of swing training aid products to deliver what POWERCHUTE® does for just $149.95.

The POWERCHUTE® MACH II is not a golf training aid. It is a scientifically designed swing performance training system.


The POWERCHUTE® patented technology in the Swing, Speed and Fitness System activates the fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are capable of much faster and stronger contractions, and are vital for explosive movements.

It is an ideal swing trainer that teaches extension, wrist action, and proper swing plane that translates on the field like no other training tool in history!


Backed By Experts


Swing It. Feel It. Own It.™ #Powerchute

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