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30 Day Money Back Guarantee



POWERPRO SPORTS owns the POWERCHUTE® brand name, owns many patents for its HOME Auto SWING SPEED AND FITNESS Systems and has a rich 10-year history. The brand has been synonymous with excellence and performance since 2009, quickly earning a place at the top of the swing speed and fitness technology world and establishing a consistent presence with Sports Instructors. POWERCHUTE® Patented Revolutionary Wind Resistant Swing Speed and Fitness Technology have been used on the professional level by PGA Tour Champions. POWERCHUTE® was the Swing Speed and Fitness technology choice for Jason Zuback World Long Distance Drive Champion for his fifth world long drive title win. POWERCHUTE® Baseball technology was co-invented with Barry Larkin, Member of Baseball's Hall of Fame, 12-time All-Star and Cincinnati Reds World Champion. This technology will become the standard of swing metric performance in product-baseball for all skill sets and age groups.

POWERPRO SPORTS has expanded its line of Revolutionary “Wind Resistance” Swing Speed and Fitness Technology by actively expanding the breadth of the POWERCHUTE® brand by adding new technologies and expanding the categories under the POWERCHUTE® brand trademark. These not only include Baseball, Softball, and the New 360 PRO+ for Golf but, Tennis, Hockey, and Lacrosse. All the POWERCHUTE® products are hand-built using the best materials, in our Sarasota Florida manufacturing facility. In addition, POWERPRO SPORTS is working to make the POWERCHUTE® brand more innovative and high tech with options for all skill sets and age groups, while continuing to build upon and enrich the brand’s history.


The # 1 GOLF SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM in the world? You would need to purchase ten (10) training aids or several thousands of dollars of swing training aid products to deliver what POWERCHUTE® does as a single technology that is scientifically designed and proven golf swing speed and fitness training system for Just $199.00

POWERCHUTE® is not a golf training aid, POWERCHUTE® is a scientifically designed swing performance training system. Training aids are gimmicky and can never deliver on their promise because they don’t address the three key components to a great swing. POWERCHUTE® is designed to deliver three key components required to produce a great swing. It’s no secret, tour pros know their swing is 90% of how they drive the ball for accuracy and distance and equipment is just 10% of the equation. Tour pros spend tons of time with swing coaches hitting balls on the range and in the gym working out to get stronger and faster. Tour pros know that a $600.00 driver does not produce great swings and long drives. They know that their swing speed, performance and fitness is 90% of their success.
POWERCHUTE® - KEY SWING COMPONENTS First, generate fast-twitch muscle fibers for swing speed Second, develop sequencing and balance for accuracy Third, increase core strength to create increased upper body rotation for swing speed

The three together produce the
# 1 swing speed and fitness system in the world…

  • POWERCHUTE® is a patented aerodynamically designed technology to generate resistance at the proper points of the swing to create maximum speed, balance and rotation. No need to worry about injury from swinging weighed swing training aid products, POWERCHUTE® is only 9 oz and the weight is distributed throughout the length of the golf shaft, not at the end of the club.
  • No other swing training system can do what POWERCHUTE® can produce by swinging POWERCHUTE® just mins per day.
  • Drivers don’t hit balls by themselves, POWERCHUTE® puts the performance in Drivers to make them faster for longer drives and more accurate by generating speed and balance at impact.
  • POWERCHUTE® is the only technology that owns the claim “fastest club-head speed” on the planet to produce long and accurate drives.
  • POWERCHUTE® is just $199.00 including a free lifetime warranty; a $49 value for the first 500 customers.
  • Take the POWERCHUTE® CHALLENGE and if you’re not 100% satisfied with POWERCHUTE® results over the next 30 days, we will issue a full refund no questions asked.

The POWERCHUTE® HOME AUTO SWING SPEED AND FITNESS SYSTEM is designed, engineered and hand-built in our manufacturing facility in Sarasota Florida using
top-grade materials to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.