Throw Your Donut in the Garbage

Throw your baseball donut in the garbage - the future of power improvement is here.

In the early 1960’s, the traditional baseball donut was created by former New York Yankee Elston Howard. His thought, instead of swinging multiple bats, use a weight that slides on, to overweight the back and give the feeling of a faster swing later.

Fast forward to today, and research has proven countless times that the bat donut actually slows your swing! Just like heavy sled sprints for speed and exercising without water for toughness, bat donuts were an old school idea that simply doesn’t do what was intended.

The Powerchute trainer changes that completely.

Designed with the guidance of Hall of Fame baseball player Barry Larkin, the Powerchute helps athletes on and off the field develop real power that can change the game in an instant, and over a career.

How is a Powerchute different from other trainers?

Simply, the Powerchute scales with each baseball players current ability.

Whether you are a college athlete on the verge of the College World Series or a 13 year old playing little league, the same Powerchute can be used with each and develop power instantly. We’ve seen players add 11 MPH to a swing inside of :60 seconds!

The reason the Powerchute can do this is the use of wind resistance to tailor each swing specifically to the velocity produced by that athlete. This means a youth player swinging at 50 MPH will feel the same level of difficulty as the college players swing at 90 MPH and vice versa.

Additionally, the Powerchute works also as a specific power trainer in the off-season as well. Swinging the chute with great intent will continue to add specific strength to an athletes swing, and dramatically alter power over the long term.

Where as a donut on its variations will weight a bat down, it also needs to be adjusted as an athlete gets stronger, one Powerchute will last throughout an athletes whole career if well maintained.

Changing Mechanics

The Powerchute is just a few ounces of weight, but can scale up to have dozens of pounds of tension at the strongest points of an athletes swing, while weighing very little at the ends. With a bat donut, you may have 1 lb (16 oz)  of weight changing the beginning and ends points of a swing, thus changing how a swing path looks.

This can create imbalances in the swing, and create a swing that is designed to move a heavier bat, not a swing designed to hit a baseball with more power and precision.

This unique feature in the Powerchute creates an ideal swing trainer that teaches extension, wrist action, and bat plane that translates on the field like no other training tool in history.

Watch this short clip of Barry Larkin speaking with Reds prospect Shed Long about his switch to the Powerchute.

The evolution of power development in baseball has arrived. Powerchute is changing the way you swing the game.


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