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Resistance MACH II

The POWERCHUTE®  increases muscle resistance through drag. The resistance promotes a smooth takeaway, proper balance, core strength, swing sequencing, lag and follow through resulting in explosive power and a faster swing speed. The company's patented technology behind the POWERCHUTE® MACH II forces the athlete's body to employ his own fast-twitch (type II) muscle fibers which are more suited for explosive, strength and power-based sports such as swinging a bat at an oncoming 90+ mph fastball or the need to swing a golf club 95+ mph to drive a golf ball further down the fairway in order to be more competitive on the golf course. The body's fast-twitch fibers will be recruited or activated only when the force demands are greater than the body's slow-twitch (type I) muscle fibers are capable of providing as in the need and initiation of an explosive swing.


Plyometric movements are exercises in which muscles learn to exert maximum force quickly and explosively with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength). However, plyometrics alone can take several weeks if not months to sufficiently train the fast-twitch muscle fibers to produce the power and explosiveness needed to increase one's swing speed.  The physical demands created by the POWERCHUTE®  MACH II are consistent with plyometric exercises, require less time spent in training and produce a quick lengthening of the muscles responsible for initiating the downswing which is followed by a strong concentric or shortening of the same tissues. This will result in an increased quantity and quality of fast-twitch muscle fibers. Swinging the POWERCHUTE® for as little as 5 mins per day will produce a faster, accurate and more powerful swing.


That is how the POWERCHUTE® works. "It shows your body how to recruit the fast-twitch resources that enable you to swing faster. SWING IT. FEEL IT. OWN IT.