Why The POWERCHUTE® Swing, Speed and Fitness System?

At POWERCHUTE®, we believe that a unique approach to sports training and enhancement technology through our Swing, Speed and Fitness System challenges all past conventional wisdom. We believe that this patented approach will become the method of choice for all athletes who sincerely desire to become the very best that they can be. Being the very best, a champion, in a particular sport is usually recognized as, "That athlete who can successfully compete against any other athlete in their respective sport and is consistently stronger and faster in that sport." Proper and efficient training is the key element to becoming that "Champion Athlete." Through science, the POWERCHUTE® Swing, Speed and Fitness System provides that key.

POWERCHUTE® recognizes that in the past, athletes of all sports but specifically, baseball, softball, and golfers players have been taught that using a weighted donut or collar on their bat, a weighted golf club, or any other type of weighted object will enhance swing speed and performance. However, current scientific research makes it abundantly clear that the more weight you swing, the slower your swing speed.

Swinging a weighted device or training tool engages and causes the body to only utilize it’s slow-twitch (Type II) muscle fibers. Swinging that golf club or a bat with weight during a warm-up or practice session is a ritual that has been around for years. The logic here is simple, swing something heavy and then swing something light. In other words, the bat or club without the weight will feel lighter and users can swing a lighter bat or golf club quicker. Now, we have learned that this time-honored routine totally contradicts the purpose for which it was intended.

POWERCHUTE® takes a different approach with its new Swing, Speed and Fitness System by utilizing proven science and based on the explosive movements of plyometrics. This unique system uses wind-resistance for low impact training which minimizes the force placed on the body and its joints. The POWERCHUTE® Swing, Speed and Fitness System causes a quick lengthening of the fast-twitch muscle fibers responsible for initiating the swing which is followed by a strong concentric or shortening of the same tissues. The physical demand will result in an increased quantity and quality of those fast-twitch muscle fibers.

POWERCHUTE® has utilized the proven science Wind Resistance Technology to engineer and develop the Swing, Speed and Fitness System that is unique and like no other, ever. This system allows for the athlete to train for speed, power and endurance by increasing muscle strength in the body’s core, arms, and legs which greatly improves body rotation and balance thus promoting proper swing sequencing, all without instruction materials and grueling workouts in a gym. Proper swing sequencing produces lag. Proper sequencing + lag = increased bat / clubhead speed. It's truly a Swing, Speed and Fitness System and it works, guaranteed!!!


POWERPRO SPORTS owns the POWERCHUTE® brand. POWERCHUTE® is patented with a 10-year history. The brand has been synonymous with excellence and performance since 2009, quickly earning a place at the top of the golf training technology world and establishing a consistent presence with PGA Instructors. The POWERCHUTE® patented, revolutionary training technology has been used on the professional level by PGA Tour Champions and was the Swing, Speed and Fitness System technology of choice for Jason Zuback, World Long Drive Champion, for his fifth world long drive title win. Our Baseball technology was co-invented with Barry Larkin, Hall of Fame and Cincinnati Reds World Champion and is approved by Major League Baseball (MLB) and Minor League Baseball (MiLB) and will become the standard of swing metric performance for baseball for all skill sets and age groups.

Since its acquisition of POWERCHUTE®, POWERPRO SPORTS has expanded its line of revolutionary wind resistance patented technology by actively expanding the breadth of the brand, adding new technologies and expanding the categories under the POWERCHUTE® brand trademark to include not only sports training but additional areas outside of performance training. All POWERCHUTE® products are hand-built using the best materials, in our Sarasota, Florida manufacturing facility. In addition, POWERPRO SPORTS is working to ensure the POWERCHUTE® brand is innovative with high tech options available for all skill sets and age groups, while continuing to build upon and enrich the brand’s history.

In 2011 POWERCHUTE® Sports developed and introduced its first patented wind resistance technology for golf. Seven years later, POWERPRO® SPORTS was acquired by POWERCHUTE® SPORTS, which provided new management, developed six new revolutionary and patented sports training technologies including the new and greatly improved Golf Swing, Speed and Fitness System Training System with its patented 360° swivel platform technology. This patented technology also applies to the POWERCHUTE® Swing, Speed and Fitness System for baseball, softball, tennis, hockey, lacrosse, plus rehab and motion products as well.

The Problem

Swinging a golf club or a bat with weight during a warm-up or practice session is a ritual that has been around for years. The logic here is simple, swing something heavy and then swing something light. In other words, the bat or club without the weight will feel lighter, and users can swing a lighter bat or golf club quicker. However, that time-honored routine has been proven to actually slow down the swing speed. Scientific research makes it clear that the more weight you swing, the slower your swing speed because it engages the body’s slow-twitch muscle fibers. The slower the swing, the harder it is to catch up to a 90+ mph fastball or hit a 300-yard drive.

The donut and weighted collar used in baseball and softball and the weighted golf clubs or other swing devices are outdated but more importantly contradict the decades-old purpose for which they were conceived.

Positioning Strategy

Positioning means performing different activities than your rivals, or performing similar activities in different ways. Positioning becomes the process of perceiving new market opportunities that move customers from established positions or that draw new customers into the market through the introduction of specialized products. POWERPRO SPORTS through its brand POWERCHUTE® strongly advocates acceptance of today's modern scientific research and its results proving the POWERCHUTE® patented wind resistance technology, directly targeting the body's fast-twitch (Type II) muscle fibers actually increase swing speed and provide dramatic results that are instantly measurable and can last one's lifetime.

The POWERCHUTE® Swing, Speed and Fitness System becomes the protagonist and strongly advocates for a new way to efficiently train for all sports involving a ball and striking apparatus, i.e, bat, golf club, tennis racket, hockey or lacrosse stick. We will offer an informed opinion on where training is going, why it’s important, and how this revolutionary technology will help the athlete to realize his or her potential. The company's current competition consists mostly of weighted products or a combination of heavy/light training devices. The heavy/light systems are complex, require multiple products and long training periods to achieve minimal results.

POWERPRO SPORTS has developed a Swing, Speed and Fitness System for multiple innovative products and methods for directly targeting the fast-twitch muscle fibers to improve explosive ability using its patented resistance technology. This resistance technology can also play an important role in developing strength, especially during injury recovery. It lessens the impact of a motion when compared to training in the weight room. POWERPRO SPORTS and its technology will change the narrative of conventional athletic training by educating the consumer, reinventing a category, and offering its unique and more effective Swing, Speed and Fitness System thus challenging the status quo in sports training. In terms of a brand and a business, all great brands stand for something. They express a passionate reason for the existence of the product that connects with a belief on the side of the consumer. At its best, the brand POWERCHUTE®, through its revolutionary Swing, Speed and Fitness System allows the consumer to express that belief to the world, while simultaneously solving a real problem or need.

We believe the solution to the problem is POWERCHUTE®!

POWERCHUTE® is an innovative and intuitive technology that is easy to use and provides immediate results. The serious athlete needs and uses superior equipment. Furthermore, the closer the athlete gets to performance excellence, the more likely he or she is to treat their equipment as critical to success. POWERCHUTE® is that superior piece of equipment. You may compare it to computer software which is a collection of data or computer instructions that tells the computer how to work in contrast to the physical hardware that actually performs the work. In our case, POWERCHUTE® programs the body to perform the proper swing mechanics and in other words.

“POWERCHUTE® is the software and the human body is the hardware"

Using POWERCHUTE® on a regular basis will ensure proper swing mechanics, maximum performance, and will allow the user to reach his full potential quicker and stay at that level longer. 

Fulfilling a Fitness Need in the Comfort and Safety of Your Home

Our technology fills a particular consumer need in a way that its competitors don’t and that is that there is no other home training systems, specifically, a Swing, Speed and Fitness System, that can produce the measurable results that POWERCHUTE® can in 60 seconds. Used over time, it will produce maximum swing results that consist of strength, endurance and speed. In order to reach our potential, we will introduce and create a brand and product story designed around our technology that resonates with the amateur to the world-class athlete and everyone in-between.

In the case of POWERCHUTE®, our technology is resistance and we’re selling results. This message and story will be reflected in everything we do and say. We will tell the consumer exactly who and what we are. We will communicate that story in a form that people can easily understand. Our goal is to tell it well and tell it often… a killer idea! A well-executed brand strategy and a superior visual communication plan will drive high performing results.

The POWERCHUTE® Swing, Speed and Fitness System is designed, engineered and hand-built using top-grade materials to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.