What is the POWERCHUTE® SMI Program?

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Powerchute Mach II by David Leadbetter Golf Swing Training Tool
Powerchute Mach II by David Leadbetter Golf Swing Training Tool
Powerchute Mach II by David Leadbetter, Best Swing Training device
Powerchute Mach II by David Leadbetter, Best Swing Training device
Powerchute Mach II by David Leadbetter, Best Swing Training device
Powerchute Mach II by David Leadbetter, Best Swing Training device
Powerchute Mach II by David Leadbetter, Best Golf Swing Training device

POWERCHUTE® MACH II by David Leadbetter

Regular price$149.00

The POWERCHUTE® MACH II, co-designed by David Leadbetter, is THE ONLY training product on the market with 360º rotation.  It is the ultimate golf swing training tool for enhancing your golf swing, clubhead speed, consistency, and golf fitness.

What's in the Box?

  • One Frame
  • One Blue Chute | Strength & Fitness
  • One Black Chute | Technique & Speed
  • One Carry Bag


Total Length: 31 Inches

Total Width: 5.75 Inches


Chute: 100% Polyester

Top & Bottom Chute Mounts: Polycarbonate

Center Shaft: Fiberglass Tubing

Elastic Band


Bag 1.5 oz

Blue Chute 3oz

Black Chute 2.5oz

Frame 4.5 oz

Total Weight:

Total weight of MACH II system in carrying bag 12oz

Key Performance Points

Promotes better dynamics and overall flexibility for a FASTER swing.

Increases muscle strength and full engagement of kinematic muscular chains to promote a STRONGER motion.

Promotes a fully coiled and completed backswing as well as increased ground force at impact for LONGER shots.

Promotes connection through the swing, better sequencing, and a highly efficient swing for STRAIGHTER shots.

Quick and effortless setup and easy to use. Just slide it over your own driver or wood and you are ready to swing.


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POWERCHUTE® Sports is not responsible for the Powerchute Unit once it leaves our fulfillment center and is picked up by the shipping carrier of the customer's choice. If the POWERCHUTE® unit is not delivered or is delivered broken, it will be up to the customer to contact the shipping carrier to work out a solution. The customer agrees to these terms and conditions and agrees not to hold POWERCHUTE® Sports responsible for damages that POWERCHUTE® Sports has no control over.

The POWERCHUTE® Swing, Speed and Fitness System is designed, engineered and hand-built using top-grade materials to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.